The Sun is Shining!

While we have had a lot of rain this summer, it's sunny as I write this so let's celebrate all the good days we have had! The girls are out of school and enjoying their free time. It's also the end of gymnastics for the year so we'll have a little more flexibility with our evenings for a while. Natalie and I hope that everyone's Summer is off to a very good start.

As a reminder, we will be spending some time out of the office this summer. We will be out of town for a part of this but we've got the more than capable, Stephan Sulek, to cover us while we'll be on family time. We are going to celebrate our big 10 Year Wedding Anniversary so we are asking everyone to contact us either before or after August 18th to August 30th. I may even leave my phone off for a change!!

If anything comes up during this time please contact Stephan at (403) 863-2152 or

Enjoy the sunshine!!!

Bryce A. Borden