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We had a wonderful Spring Break here in Calgary and had a lot of family time with the girls. We did a number of activities right here in Calgary including a fun day downtown. We met up with some friends and family and got in a few meals at local restaurants. On top of that, the weather was nice so we spent a lot of time outside. Vienna, Berlin & London had a great time!


Advice for Small Business Owners

Similar to the situation of individual Canadians, small business owners must deal with a variety of financial challenges in order to grow their businesses. Besides managing issues like cash flow and assets, small businesses must also think about taxes on income.

Without a doubt, tax return filing can be an intimidating experience for many business owners, but the process can be greatly simplified simply by keeping good financial records.

Starting Out on the Right Track

A wedding day can be a springboard into many new and exciting adventures. With all the excitement leading up to the big day, the new couple routinely focuses so much energy on planning the event that they seldom spend any time discussing other important life issues - like developing a sound financial strategy for the future.

As couples embark on a new life journey together, it is important to take time to discuss life goals, hopes and dreams and then commit to incorporating each element into an overall financial strategy.

Should You Move in Retirement?

Many people look forward to retiring, and going to live beside a golf course, on the coast, or somewhere else where they have always dreamt of. It's enticing to think that your leisure time can be spent pursuing activities you have worked and longed for all your life. In fact, whole retirement communities are set up on the premise people want to relocate to such a scenario to live out the rest of their lives.

Tax Season & Tax Slips

We've made it through RRSP Season and for many of you, you'll now be getting Contribution Receipts and Tax Slips. RRSP Contribution Receipts are extremely important for reducing your taxable income. If you hold Non-Registered Assets, you'll generally get some Tax Slips for any Dividends, Interest, and/or Capital Gains that you got throughout last year.