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Update on Nominee Plans

We've made it through the wild weather of September here in Calgary and are now entering the last quarter of 2018. It's been a very busy year with a lot to talk about! I've mentioned in a number of emails this year that Canadian Western Trust decided to exit the Intermediary Account Business. This left us with a situation where some plans would move over to Computershare and the majority would move into PSC Nominee Plans. At this point we appear to have all of the Nominee Accounts fully funded.

Financial Success Strategy for Small Business Owners

Business owners have to contend with many facets of financial management, business accounting, cash-flow management, and capital acquisition. The one area of financial management that often goes unheeded or is placed on the back-burner is their personal financial strategy, yet it is the one aspect of a business owner's financial picture that, if not soundly in place, could have the most serious unintended consequences for the business.

It's Up to You to Know the Consequences

The news has been full of stories lately of surging real estate prices in the United States. Many Canadian visitors to such places as Florida, Arizona and Hawaii are seeing real estate promoters from these and other states running seminars about US real estate investing.

Many Canadians are viewing this as an opportunity to buy a US property before the prices get too high. But what are the consequences of owning U.S. property?

How Much Will I Need to Retire?

Good question. Many retirement income planning tools use a percentage of income to determine an income need in retirement and then calculate an amount needed to provide that income. People with similar incomes often have different spending and lifestyle habits. This can affect their income needs in retirement.

It is still important to calculate what the income needs will be in retirement. Arriving at the right percentage of income to replace may require a little more work.

Bad Excuses for Putting Off Investing

Recent college or university graduates with their first career job have an understandable itch to spend money after years of living on Kraft Dinner. The last thing they want to think about is saving money and building assets.

Yet this is the ideal time in life to start developing the correct habits that will lead to a comfortable lifestyle now and in the future. But what we often hear are the reasons why now is not the right time to get started. And you don't even need to watch how you spend every penny!

Here are five bad excuses for not investing:

Back to School

Vienna and Berlin just got back from their first day of school for the year as I write this. London will start pre-school at the end of the week. It was a very good summer and we got in some family time over the long weekends. The girls are happy to be back with their friends and to meet their new teachers.