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This Advice Could Save You a Fortune

Most people mistakenly believe that they will never fall victim to financial or identity theft. The sad reality is that billions of dollars are lost each year to these crimes, and the losses are only getting bigger. Here are some steps you can take to reduce your chances of becoming a fraud victim:

Keep it thin. Don't carry extra credit cards, birth certificate, social insurance number card or passport with you unless absolutely necessary. This minimizes the information a crook can get about you when your wallet or purse is lost or stolen.

Making the Best of It

All things considered, we've had a pretty good summer so far. It's hard to treat this like a normal summer, but we've spent a lot of time outside and enjoyed the sunshine that we've had in the Calgary area. We've done some bike riding and even got out to Gull Lake, AB for a couple of nights. We've definitely got in a lot of quality time with our three girls and hugged them a little tighter this year.

Many Canadians Unaware of Retirement Needs

It appears that while many Canadians faithfully invest funds into their workplace retirement plans they are somewhat lackadaisical when it comes to determining their retirement needs as well as measuring their progress towards those needs.

In a survey conducted by Ipsos Reid in February 2015*, it was found that only 50 percent of Canadians are following a financial plan and only less than half are saving regularly for their long term retirement goals.

Manage Your Personal Economy

Feel Good Tax Relief

Carl and Cathy are well aware of the substantial tax advantages of making charitable contributions as well as the good feeling they get by helping their favorite charity. In addition to their annual contributions, they would like to bequeath more substantial amounts to their chosen charity in their wills. Some of their more affluent friends do this. However, Carl and Cathy do not feel that they are able to.

Summer Celebrations

While this likely won't be a summer where people will travel to remote destinations or take in events like Rodeos or Concerts, it's still worth celebrating. For those of you who have had the kids home, all… the… time… you may be exhausted. Learning from home was a new venture for many of us and the lack of activities available was frustrating for everyone. With the sun out regularly now and school out for the summer, it's been good to get outside and enjoy the weather. We've been able to go on some bike rides and even made our way out to the lake at the end of June.

Your Financial Future

Much of what we do today is to improve our future financial position. As with anything, we can get better results by following a plan. This is why both an Estate Plan and a Financial Strategy are important for those who want to ensure better tomorrows for ourselves and our families.