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A Better April

After a stomach-turning March, we got a little reprieve as the markets rebounded nicely in April. We had good gains with Stocks and the Bond market also seemed to get back to normal last month. Some of this has to do with the global effort to contain COVID-19 and with the success in many areas with flattening the curve. When I last wrote a newsletter, we were starting to see lower numbers coming out of Europe. I'm happy to report that we continue to see less cases per day out of Italy, Spain, France and Germany. That has led to optimism across the globe and some buying on the market again.

Investing Smart During Uncertain Times

Warren Buffett has a classic rule when it comes to market volatility:

“Be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful”.

Investor anxiety normally tends to rise in step with market volatility because most people are concerned about trying to pick the best time to buy or sell. For instance, making investment decisions would be infinitely easier if there was complete certainty about when markets were headed for a bear market or a correction.

Healthcare and Retirement

We are all familiar with the following perennial adage: “health is wealth”. Regardless of any financial circumstances you may have, optimum health allows you to enjoy long trips overseas, partake in your grandchildren’s life, physical activities such as golf as well as looking forward to your retirement years. No one wants to have to worry about the expenses that come with health problems in retirement.

A Little Good News

The last two months have been very hard for people all over the Globe. As I'm sure everyone is aware, COVID-19 has spread to virtually all countries on Earth. While some places have had fewer cases than others, it has affected everyone. The numbers have been staggering in countries like Italy, Spain, Germany, France and the UK. While North America didn't see a lot of cases until a little later on, we've dealt with the virus here too. As I write this, the United States has had to deal with over 350,0001 cases and has been adding over 25,0001 new cases per day.

The Basics of a Successful Financial Strategy

Before a sky scraper can reach for the clouds, it needs a very strong foundation. Once the building is complete, the foundation is virtually unseen. The same goes for a financial strategy. The following are the basics of a strong financial foundation:

Budget - Governments and businesses use budgets to properly allocate resources. It's known as good business. A budget can help you figure out where your hard earned income is going and to identify ways to cut spending or increase savings.